Talent Development in the Philanthropy Sector

Across Asia, as philanthropy grows and aims to be more impactful, there is increased demand for more professionalised forms of philanthropy, which in turn requires a ready pool of professionals with expertise and interest in this area.  However, it has also become obvious that the market for social sector professionals who understand what philanthropists want to achieve and who can work with them effectively is limited.  Whichever sector the leaders are taken from, there is often a mismatch: in expectations, in execution, and in the retention of these talents.  The danger is that philanthropic aspirations will run ahead of the ability of philanthropists and their organisations to implement and fulfil these aspirations, thereby leading to frustration and a reduced commitment to philanthropy.

The Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) has hence embarked on a research study to understand and surface specific talent issues and gaps in the sector, and to identify how APC members (and others in the sector) can improve the situation.  Along with the recommendations highlighted in the report that pertain to the problems and challenges faced in the Recruitment, Integration, and Retention phases, APC is also launching specific programmes that address these recommendations directly.  Please contact us directly to learn more about our talent development programmes for the philanthropy sector.

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