APC Voices

Through our members’ collective voices, we hope the wider impact community understands better what strategic and collaborative philanthropy can do for Asia.  We showcase our members’ projects, advocate for more innovative philanthropy and solutions, and call out for others who share our vision and eager to go on this journey with us.

January 2018

We kickstart the year with several exciting projects in the pipeline, including the ASEAN Social Impact Awards and ASEAN Philanthropy Dialogue!  We’re excited to have a full year but before that, here’s a look back at 2017.

1000 Days Fund: Through the eyes of our anchor donor
The Indonesia Education Giving Guide now moves to the Philippines!
What should we do about the talent gap in the social sector?
The SDGs: A call to collective action
1st Singapore Roundtable 2018: Collaboration will be key in doing good better.
Myanmar: Working with the Community, One Step at a Time/td>
APC Roundtable on Rohingya Refugee Crisis
Launch of APC’s First Project in Malaysia: Catalysing School Leadership

May 2017


APC is now two years old and ready to move to our next phase of growth!  Our community of philanthropists has grown and engagement deepened.  Nonetheless, we are still in start-up mode, and continue to experiment and notch a number of firsts this year!

Our most ambitious project to date is the ASEAN Community Impact Fund (“ASEAN Fund”) for collaborative philanthropy.  Still work-in-progress, this is our first pooled Fund to grow collective impact. We intend to focus in the fields of education, nutrition and community building in Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar, through leveraging size, neutrality, a long term focus and a holistic approach.

Insights from Visit to Shan State: Harnessing Myanmar’s Potential for Growth
APC supports launch of the ASEAN Social Impact Award with Ee Peng Liang Memorial Fund, Ashoka and NUS
Achieving the UN SDGs via Pyramid to Happiness
Inaugural ASEAN Community Impact Fund Workshop Series kicked off in Jakarta
Harvard Philanthropy in Singapore: Family Communication in Philanthropy &s; Legacy
Building up the next generation of Asian philanthropy professionals at APC
First APC Study Tour to Yunnan yields mutual learning, new projects and deeper understanding
Sharing how to do philanthropy in China effectively at APC roundtable

December 2016

Here at Asia Philanthropy Circle, we are a small but dedicated and hardworking team.  Even as the end of year festive season descends upon us, our team will still be around, working for a better Asia.  We hope that the new year will see more progress, impact and development in our ever-changing world!  Best wishes to you and your family!

Preventing Radicalism in the region
An Asian Philanthropist’s Journal – our journey with you
Civil sector and government leaders join APC members in Jakarta for philanthropy dialogue
By Instilling a Sense of Community, Gerakan Kepedulian Indonesia Gives Jakarta’s Poorest a New Look on Life
Field Report: Improving Rural Education in Sumatra
Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute: The Game-Changing Brain Research Initiative